Thursday, March 12, 2009

clothes shopping

I wanted to buy a pair of jeans in Augsburg so I went to Yeans Halle. I tried on a pair and asked the sales clerk what she thought. I thought they looked good and was just looking for false confirmation. To my surprise she said, "hmmm nicht so gut. Ich finde Sie andere." Well she said something like that but in better German. And off she went to look for a better fitting pair. At first I was horrified by the negative feedback but then appreciative that she cared as much as my best friend to tell me the truth and actually look for a solution. She didn't find a better pair in the end but I was happy to know I didn't walk off with a 70 euro ill fitting pair of levis. In America this would never happen. The sales clerk would tell me I look great, I would feel happy and walk off with an ill fitting pair that my best friend would later make me return.

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