Thursday, March 12, 2009

art show

Tomorrow I have an art exhibit in Glonn, a small village between Munich and Rosenheim. Its at 7:30pm and the details are on my website If you just happen to be in the area drop by!
So since its my show I will be expected to give a speech about my work. Ill also be expected to show up promptly at 7:30pm. These are 2 things that don't happen when you have an art show in the US. In the US you are undercover as the artist. Only people "in the know" know who you are. You will probably show up late or not at all. You are the mysterious artist. I must say its a lot easier being the mysterious undercover artist. Tomorrow not only is my work on display but so am I. I have to appear confident, be punctual and prepare something to say in GERMAN...that makes sense, like use German grammar correctly akkk!

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