Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today it is sunny in Augsburg and everyone is outside sitting in cafes. This would never happen in NYC at this temperature of 10°C or 48°F. OK that's not that cold but it does happen at colder temperatures on the rare sunny day in winter. Cafes even give you blankets. Today hordes of people were even eating ice cream. I'm just not prepared yet to eat ice cream when I'm still wearing gloves.


Its rained and snowed the past couple weeks here in Augsburg, yet in town amidst the white was a sea of colors. Blue, green, yellow striped umbrellas...Colorful rainbow umbrellas , the kind only weirdos in NYC use to stand out amid the sea of black umbrellas.


It took me about 2 years of living here in Germany before I realized what these bird stickers everywhere were for. I thought it was an art exhibit or some sort of street art. But no, its just for the birds and perhaps people too who are prone to walking into windows. They don't do this in NYC but how cool would that be to have bird stickers on every window of every skyscraper in town..maybe in psychedelic colors...