Wednesday, September 20, 2006

US and Germany differences part 1

It’s a funny. You visit another country and everything is weird, strange, backwards. You’re inspired, you take a lot of pictures and you write. Then you’re annoyed and complain. Why do they do it this way? Then after awhile it all becomes completely normal. You even find yourself in a dirndl. Finally you go home and everything is weird again.

Difference #1
I have enough trouble on escalators back home. I’ve fainted on an escalator from staring down at all the trippy lines, I’ve gotten my shoe stuck and I’ve attempted to go up the down escalator and down the up escalator on too many occasions.

Here in Germany they like to save energy. Imagine that! Escalators do not continuously run 24 hours a day like they do in the US. In fact they only run when someone is on the escalator. This is a very good idea from a conservation point of view but for me it is troublesome. I have to wait until I see some on riding on the up or down escalator before I can determine which is which...And in some places this can be a really long time.

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E.M. said...

Really funny, it clearely showas how diverse countries can be on the basis of culture!
Nice work!