Thursday, June 15, 2006

last day in NYC

On 6/14/06, Molly Reisner wrote:

hey lees,

how was your trip back? minus the forgotten passport, of course. mommom called me in a panic, but by the time i called back the driver was en route back to the airport with your passport. you must have been freaking out!!


OMGD, Momom called you? I’m so embarrassed.
My day started like this:

9AM. I had breakfast with Bill, and then we went to his apt and discussed the progress on his latest painting. Half-hour later we left and went our separate ways. He went to the market and I walked 10 blocks to Citibank. Upon arrival I unzipped my book bag and discovered that my purse containing my wallet housing my Citibank card was missing. I left my purse at Bill's! I lost over an hour looking for Bill in Dagistino's, rummaging for a stray quarter and calling him on a pay phone that took me some time to locate. Luckily I reached him and he was home.

11:30AM. Last chance to pick up my slides at Duggal. I had 2 weeks in NY to do so but of course I forgot. Luckily Duggal called Momom's house while I was in Allentown and a purple note pasted on my bedroom door was waiting for me when I got home Sunday night. Thanks for the reminder Duggal! The F-train arrived fast for once and dropped me off at 23 st. The glowing blue and white neon of a Citibank greeted me as I emerged from the subway. What luck! I FORGOT Citibank was right there. Now where was Duggal? I forgot to take the note with me, but I was sure I remembered 23 29th st. I walked 6 blocks and 3 avenues. There is no 23 29th street. I call 411. Can you tell me the address of Duggal? Sure it’s on 23rd street. Is it 29 23rd street?? Yes. Click. Shitcrap!!
IF (and that’s a big if) I were smart I would have only had to walk one block from the train/Citibank. Another hour lost.

2PM. When I got home, Jurij called. While I was talking to him I realized I didn’t know where my passport was. I was freaking out on the phone and tearing my room apart at the same time.
After we hung up I located it. It was in my computer bag. I called Jurij back and reassured him that I would be in Germany tomorrow.

4:45PM. 15 minutes before the baker (the driver) was supposed to have come; I discovered that my computer fit snuggly in my backpack. Remembering the pain in my back caused by my carry-on: a backpack and very heavy computer case, I decided to empty the miscellaneous contents of my computer bag into my soon to be checked in suitcase and put my computer in my pack. Then I took my computer case and stashed it in the basement.

5:10PM. I call the baker. Where are you? You were supposed to be here at 5PM! Oh I forgot. Good you called. I’m coming now.

5:15PM. The baker picked me up, drove me a half-hour to JFK and dropped me off.

5:45PM. 15 feet into the airport I was asked for my passport. It was only then did I realize that something very very important, something critical for my advancement 181 inches into the airport was missing. I reached for my new quad band, T mobile, I-work-in-all-countries-cell phone…but unfortunately I-do-not-work-when-I-am-not-charged-cell phone. With a pitiful, lost look on my face I was able to borrow a cell phone from the sweet God fearing guard at 15 feet. I called the baker. I called Momom. For the next hour I am paralyzed with fear and have to pee really badly but cannot leave my suitcases.

7PM. I had my passport minus 70 dollars for 2 trips to the airport and a major adrenaline rush. 5 minutes later I lost another $50 for 2 overweight suitcases. Ironically, before I emptied the contents of my computer bag into my suitcases I placed them on a scale and they were not overweight! Was this the price to pay for not having a backache?

7:45PM. I make a mad dash to the plane. Luckily for my future seat mates, I have 5 minutes to spare before boarding and I rush of to empty my about to overflow bladder.

8PM. Plane takes off. I got to sleep.

4AM EST. (10AM). I wake up with a backache in Munich.


wero said...

wow lisa! that is a story! not even I have done something like that. So are you save and sound now?

Anonymous said...

hi-larious lees. omg. seriously, you outdid yourself. love the writing!

molly said...

oops - that anon commnet is me!